You want to plan a SHEV system with AUMÜLLER products or install one yourself and don't really know how it works?
No problem at all. We will bring your knowledge up to date.
You will receive valuable tips for the planning, installation and maintenance of SHEV systems in theory and practice.

What the AUMÜLLER Academy can teach you

  • expand and refresh your SHEV expertise
  • up-to-date, comprehensive product and system information
  • independent planning, Installation and maintenance of SHEV systems
  • detailed knowledge of new or alternative installation and mounting options
  • extensive specialist knowledge for competent advice to the customer
  • valuable know-how to solve SHEV problems quickly and successfully

The AUMÜLLER Academy regularly offers the following seminars:

Contents: Structure, wiring, alpha-software, ventilation scenarios, CAN bus, KNX
Target group: Installers of EMB 8000+, basic knowledge of SHEV and electrical engineering is an advantage.

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