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Our customers trust us. Because we at AUMÜLLER have remained human and because we do good work. That is why we are looking for people who enjoy what they do. Our customers benefit from this - and so do our employees. We give you the freedom to develop yourself and remain yourself at work. In doing so, we encourage you as much as possible.
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The good feelings of belonging to AUMÜLLER

Even though the focus is on technology: We at AUMÜLLER have reamined human. We deal well with each other. We laugh and celebrate just as much as we do good work. For us, both belong together. That's why working AUMÜLLER doesn't feel like effort, but like a good time among friends. We appreaciate charater types, team players, visionaries and free spirits. Be as you are and you fill fit in perfectly with us.

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AUMÜLLER customers and AUMÜLLER colleagues are particularly loyal and satisfied. This is not only due to the excellent products. It is also due to the enthusiasm of the employees to personally commit themselves as good results. We appreciate team spirit as well as motivated and productive action. These qualities will help you move forward quickly at AUMÜLLER, irrepsective of strict hierarchies. Shape your professional future with us through good ideas, enthusiasm and professional competence.

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Nadine Maier
Deputy Head of HR

Tel.: +49 8271 8185-151