AUMÜLLER AUMARIC GmbH, the specialist for SHEV and natural ventilation presents a new drive set to operate side-hung windows automatically.

The KS4 400 chain drive with DrehVolution contains a filigree casement bracket with integrated spring reload which ensures that the window is stable in all positions - when in opening and closing operation as well as when the window is completely open, either. The drive opens the side-hung window up to 70 degress in 45 seconds. Too small ventilation and smoke extraction cross sections or broken chains are now a thing of the past, even with changing wind loads. The drive set can be combined with all locking drives from AUMÜLLER AUMATIC. The opening width and the opening speed are adjustable individually.

The new DrehVolution set is quick and easy to assemble. Most windows require one chain drive with bracket only. Large side-hung windows can be equipped with two drive sets in synchronous operation. A frame width of only 26mm is needed for the assembly of the drive so it is possible to integrate the system very discreetly into any room. The KS4 400 chain drive is now available.