Sales launch for modular control unit EMB8000+ by AUMÜLLER

The new digital modular control unit EMB8000+ by AUMÜLLER AUMATIC GmbH is now available on market. The control unit facilitates the implementation of decentralised smoke and heat exhaustion and ventilation systems in complex scenarios with a digital connection to the buildings automation system.

The EMB8000+ can be networked even more simply and extensively by means of new IP interfaces. Even complex scenarios and large building projects can be completed without any problems. Thanks to decentralised control, up to 30 control units can be networked with one another. Moreover, it is possible to install up to 30 freely programmable BUS HSE buttons in a single physical line, including direct connection of smoke alarms and ventilation buttons to the new CM module. This allows countless fire areas to be implemented without additional modules. This simplifies wiring, reduces costs and facilitates extensive smoke and heat exhaustion and ventilation systems. The new Ethernet interface enables the integration of the system in IP-based networks and significantly increases the communication options for the control unit.

Added user-friendliness!

The EMB8000+ enables easy and independent operation via all common end devices, from PCs to tablets and smartphones – even wirelessly via integrated Wi Fi interface. The software runs independently of the system on Windows, iOS and Android, guaranteeing the greatest possible compatibility. The new, transparent user interface simplifies operation significantly.

Added savings potential!

With its wide variety of features, the EMB8000+ offers various time and cost savings. Networking up to 30 control units shortens the necessary 24V line paths, so that lower lead diameters are required.