Product Range

Out with the smoke and in with the fresh air! AUMÜLLER AUMATIC develops, produces and distributes solutions and products for you that can do this - and much more. Our individual systems are simple and good. The way for you to get there is the same. On the product pages, we have listed the areas of application for you, so you always know which solution you can use for which application - for SHEV ferralux®-NSHEV and/or natural ventilation.

An overview of our products

You require absolute reliability when it really matters? For this purpose, we have reliable smoke exhaust systems for emergencies, supported by state-of-the-art window drives and control technology. You want to increase your energy efficiency through controlled natural ventilation? We ensure comfort, convenience and sustainablity in all office, school and administrativ buildings. Here you will find an overview of our products from the AUMÜLLER ferralux® and AUMÜLLER vent areas.