AUMÜLLER ferralux® - away with the smoke

When a fire burns, seconds matter. We help save lives. Because the faster smoke gases can escape, the higher the chances are that affected persons can save themselves. It also makes the work of rescue services easier.

AUMÜLLER ferralux® provides safety with efficient controls, drives and natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEV) where many lives are at stake: in the stairwells as well as office buildings, airports and classrooms.

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AUMÜLLER protects lives: through rapid evacuation of smoke gases and heat.

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ferralux®-RWA systems keep escape routes smoke free: through efficient systems and drives.

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SHEV Systems make it easier to extinguish: through direct help for rescue workers and those affected.

Components of a SHEV System

Electric window opening - for SHEV and best natural ventilation

Intelligent AUMÜLLER fire protection technology does not just prove itself in an emergency. It already makes life easier for fire protection planners, installers and architects. Through intelligent networks, easy installation and economic operation.

This protects the environment and reduces energy costs. The product range from AUMÜLLER offers the best drive solution for every SHEV window: for casement or frame profile installation on the main or secondary closing edge as well as for invisible profile integration.

Elegant design, precise manufacturing and convenient functionality enables optimal integration into modern architectural overall concepts. Our specialist solutions provide you complete freedom of design - no matter in which room

programmable overload cut-off electronics

  • synchronised multiple operation
  • Soft start and stop
  • maintenance free design


Chain drives from AUMÜLLER have a slim, appealing and robust aluminium housing, which encompasses the microprocessor controlled electronics, the motor gear unit and the chain box. This slim design allows our chain drive to lie flat on the window profile and not protrude into the room. The installation of the drive can be surface-mounted or integrated into the profile. Preferred installation locations are the frame or sash profiles of the main or side closing edges.

Smart, visually appealing - spindle drives from AUMÜLLER. Our solutions offer unrivalled performance in every situation. High speeds are possible even with heavy loads. Nevertheless, the electronic speed control ensures smooth motor running and low noise development.

Good solutions are usually quite simple. Rack and pinion drives from AUMÜLLER help you save costs without having to compromise on performance and safety. Our systems function simply and affordably. Particularly smart: our integrated electronic load dependent cut-off switch protect the drive from overloading over the entire stroke.

Smart window opening solutions do what you want - when you want. Our Folding Arm Drives open windows up to 90 degrees and are the right solution for every side-hung window. Thanks to the integrated microprocessor and position detection system, all essential drive parameters can be programmed for specific objects.

Modern SHEV and ventialtion systems are complex high-tech facilities. Louvre drives from AUMÜLLER guarantee more than technical perfection and outstanding functionality. They give you and your property freedom. No matter whether technology, optics or equipment - intelligent solutions from AUMÜLLER fulfill your individual expectations without compromise. Speak to us. Together we will find the best solution for your project,

Locking drives from AUMÜLLER provide you with fresh air in a convenient and targeted manner. The system opens the multi point locking fitting powerfully and effortlessly with a torque of 10 Nm when required. Window locking drives lock and unlock all window types, especially those with tilt and turn fittings in combination with other window drives.

Our fitting system provides a secure opening and closing of windows and skylight domes - with maximum freedom. Slim design, various possible combinations and large opening widths with short strokes set no limits to individual use.

Which drive fits to which window?

Compact and multifunctional. Our SHEV Control Units

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Modular RWA Control Unit: Intelligent networks, less wiring effort, low installation costs.

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Wide Range: applicable for natural ventilation, RWA and ferralux® NRWG, in roofs and facades.

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Natural Ventilation: via automated windows.