The KS4 chain drive - High performance in the smallest space

No other chain drive develops more power in such little space as the KS4 from AUMÜLLER. It sets the mark with ist advanced connectivity, independently integrates itself in a multi-drive system by means of M-COM-Click and communicates confidently with modern building management systems.

Ein AUMÜLLER KS4 Kettenantrieb zum Fenster öffnen
Das abgebildete Leistung 400N Icon zeigt ein Gewicht in das "400N" geschrieben wurde

Unique Performance: The world's smallest chain drive with 400 N power.

Das abgebildete Funktion Icon zeigt einen angewinkelten Arm mit einem großen Bizeps

Reliable Function: through high quality materials, wear-free stainless steel chain and durable construction.

Das abgebildete schnelle Montage Icon zeigt eine Stoppuhr

Fast Assembly: universally applicable, direct fixing points without brackets, integrated connector solution.

Das abgebildete MCOM Icon zeigt eine Skizze eines Mcom Moduls

Self-learning: automatic configuration of drive network system via pluggable M-COM-Click.

Das abgebildete Icon hat die Form eines "Unendlich"-Zeichens das in der Mitte unterbrochen ist

Large Bandwidth: applicable for natural ventilation, SHEV and ferralux®-NSHEV.

Das abgebildete Lueftung Icon zeigt 3 Wellen die den Wind symbolisieren sollen

Natural Ventilation: automatic windows, user dependant energy saving, comfort and convenience.

Easier to install -

perfect integration

Surface mounted or in profile integration? Frame or casement profile? It doesn't matter how and where you install the KS4: the assembly is easy and the chain drive performs discreetly.

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"Modern facades are complex high-tech instruments. Innovative, smart window drives are in demand, which combines the knowledge of many specialist. AUMÜLLER is already developing them."

Product Range

KS4 24 V S12

Technical Data

Product Name KS4 S12 24 V DC (R/L)
Area of Application ventilation, SHEV, NSHEV (EN 12101-2)
Variants Stand-alone, "R" right / "L" left version, each with feedback contact "CLOSED", programmable in "OPEN"
Electronics S12 - intelligent, programmable control electronics
Rated Voltage 24 V DC
Cut-Off Current 1.2 A
Stroke 50 - 1000 mm; programmable
Force (Push / Pull) 400 - 50 / 400 N; stroke dependant, programmable from 5.0 mm/s
Speed (Open / Close) max. 13.0 / 8.0 mm/s: programmable
Extension Mechanism back-stiffed side bow roller chain made from stainless steel without protruding rivet heads
Housing (W x H x L) anodised aluminium, 35 x 24 mm, length stroke dependant
Connection Lead AUMÜLLER-Click plug, halogen free, grey, 5x0.5 mm², length 2 m
Protection Rating IP 32