Compact Control Unit EMB7300 with radio system

Are you refurbishing an existing, perhaps even listed staircase and have been asked to replace, extend or retrofit the existing SHEV and ventilation system in order to meet current building law requirements? Then the EMB7300 compact control unit with radio system is the perfect choice. It enables you to expand or install without extensive demolition work or cable routing. The radio module can be retrofitted in all control units of type EMB7300
and allows expansions in the existing building without major conversion work.

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Fast Assembly: without major conversion work, demolition work, ducts or cable routing, low installation costs.

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Large Bandwidth: can be used in all EMB7300 compact control units for SHEV and natural ventilation in stairwells.

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Natural Ventilation: automated windows, user-independant energy saving, comfort and convenience.

More: flexibility, compatability, safety, variety of controls

An EMB7300 with radio module and weather sensors ensures good air quality in the staircase at all times, e.g. in summer it reduces the risk of overheating and protects the stairwell from wind and rain, even in the event of a power failure. THe SHEV function is always superior to ventilation.

The temperature-dependant opening and closing of the smoke exhausting and ventilation openings noticeably reduces energy costs,
so that the low investment costs are quickly recouped. A separate interface for simple connection to a central building management system rounds off the overall package.

With the wireless HSE button, the antenna module and the radio ventilation control, you can turn a normal EMB7300 compact SHEV control unit into a radio SHEV and ventilation system for your stairwell.

  1. Bidirectional communication enables the battery level and signal strength for each button to be read out directly via software
  2. A second fire compartment can be set up through intelligent signal transmission
  3. Extension of 10 wired SHEV-Buttons by further 10 radio controlled SHEV-buttons
  4. Can be retrofitted in all EMB7300
  5. Teach-in through easy-to-use graphical software surface

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This refreshing addition to the SHEV compact control unit regulatres the exchange of air in the stairwell without having to run cables to the control unit.

  1. If necessary, an opening position can be taught in so that the window is only opened as far as desired in automatic mode
  2. Rain and wind alarms protect the facility. The protective functions can be switched off, if not required
  3. Depending on the current indoor and outside temperature, the window is opened and closed again
  4. The radio ventilation control takes over the ventilation in the stairwell

Product Range

EMB7300 Radio Controlled

Technical Data

Product Name EMB7300 with radio module (all EMB7300 0101 versions)
Area of Application ventilation, SHEV
Motherboard 1 SHEV-group / 1 ventilation group
Operating Voltage 230 V (195 - 253 V AC, 50/60 Hz)
Max. Power Consumption dependant on version (See EMB7300)
Output Voltage 24 V DC (20 - 28 V DC / 2 Vpp)
Output Current dependant on version
Ambient Temperature Range -5°C … + 40°C
Protection Rating dependant on version
Housing surface mounting, steel plate, RAL 7035 (light grey)
Dimensions (WxHxD) dependant on version
Connection Terminals 1.5 mm² / Drives: 4 mm² (rigid wires)
Prepared for Emergencyr Batteries dependant on version
Power Supply EN 12101-10