Technical Data

Product Name SP8 S2 24 V DC (Z)
Area of Application ventilation, SHEV, NSHEV (EN 12101-2)
Variants stand-alone, "Z" with feedback contact "CLOSED"
Electronics S2 - integrated load-dependant cut-off switch in OPEN/CLOSE direction
Rated Voltage 24 V DC
Cut-Off Current 1.0 A
Stroke 100 - 750 mm; mechanically shortenable
Force (Push / Pull) 800 - 350 / 800 N; dependant on mounting
Speed (Open / Close) 7.0 / 7.0 mm/s
Extension mechanism burnished steel spindle, anodised aluminium tube
Housing (W x H x L) anodised aluminium, 76 x 42 mm, length stroke dependant
Connection Cable halogen free, grey, 2x0.75 mm², length 1 m; "Z": 4x0.75 mm²
Protection Rating IP 54 (option: IP 65)