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FAQ Drives

Yes, AUMÜLLER 230 V AC drives can be synchronised. The synchronization can be done by factory programming or with the help of the UniPC programming device. A maximum of 4 drives can be synchronized.

Yes, that possibility exists. The prerequisite is that the drives are AUMÜLLER S12 drives. You can program these drives individually. A large number of parameters can be changed, e.g. stroke, speed, force, sequence control etc.
Our UniPC programming device is required for programming. You can download the corresponding, freely available software here.

With our M-COM control module you can easily syncronise 4 drives + 2 locking drives or create a sequence control. The M-COM is used parallel to the drives and therefore takes over the synchronisation or sequence control. A separate M-COM is always required for each group of drives.

Yes, this is possible, but only for drives with a so-called "Z-contact" (e.g. KS2 200 S12 24V R Z). Here, you can select whether you wish to receive an OPEN or CLOSED feedback as normally closed or normally open contact. This information must be provided when ordering, but can also be changed later using the UniPC programming device.

The exception here is the KS4 chain drive, which already has the Z-contact integrated as standard.

The "white wire" is a communication wire. If several drives (max. 4 drives + 2 interlocks) are synchronized in master-slave mode or used as sequence control, the respective white wires must be connected to each other for communication. If, for example, one drive should then fail, the remaining drives stop immediately.

Yes, all AUMÜLLER 230 V AC drives can be operated in parallel, without additional relays. A parallel connection of up to 8 drives is enabled. Please take into account the higher switch-on currents when designing the circuit breakers.


AUMÜLLER S12 drives have an electronically controlled soft-start and soft-stop mode in the end positions. Among other things, this reduces power surges and ensures gentle force transmission into the window profiles. However, it also causes a short, noticeable start-up delay, which has been taken into account in the technical data for the running speed.



FAQ Control Units

After successful participation in a training by the company AUMÜLLER you can order a corresponding license and send us the authorization code. You can find this code on both the EMB7300 and the EMB8000 under "File" ; "Authorization". For the EMB8000, the PC must always be connected to a control unit to generate the authorization code. The software of the respective panel can be downloaded here.

The update does not only include a new software version that makes new functions accessible to you. Usually a new firmware pack for your CM module is also included. The firmware of the CM module and the software work closely together. During each programming procedure, check whether the software and the firmware of the control unit are up to date. This is the only way to ensure the full range of functions and, above all, the faultless functioning of the control unit. Please always remember - RWA systems protect people and save lives!

Launch software

  1. Create a backup file in the form of a *.EMB and *.PDF
  2. Disconnect the batteries
  3. Switch off the mains voltage
  4. Detach the module clamps, or Disconnect wires >/li>
  5. Disconnect ModBus line >/li>
  6. If necessary, Disconnect power supply to the module
  7. Dismantle module and install new module
  8. Connect ModBus and power supply again
  9. Connect module terminals
  10. Switch on mains voltage again
  11. Connect batteries
  12. Start software and check settings.

Addressing the panels is not necessary for new modules.

The KNX PROD files can be downloaded under the following Link.

Yes, this is possible. The wind and rain sensor is connected to an evaluation unit and then the potential-free contacts of the evaluation unit are distributed to the respective rain sensor inputs of the EMB7300.

Alternatively, the REL65 plug-in card can be used to pass the signal from one EMB7300 to another EMB7300. For this purpose, however, the "master control unit" must be programmed, which requires a chargeable license for the EMB7300.

You will find the wiring diagram HERE.

Yes, it's possible. The connection diagram is available HERE.

Yes, there is a possibility. For this purpose, a potential-free relay for the respective vent button input and a corresponding radio control is required. Details can be found HIER.

The reason for this is that the "post cycle control/deadlock" function is activated on the EMB8000. In this case, the drive line switch-off time is exceeded in the SHEV case. In order to adhere to the switch-off time in the SHE case, please deactivate the "post cycle control/deadlock" in the system properties of the drive module.

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