Attractive remuneration and additional benefits

We at AUMÜLLER enjoy working. We work as a team and are passionate about what we do. Our customers appreciate that. That is why we are successful. We want our employees to feel comfortable at AUMÜLLER. Read here what we can do for you.

Fleixible Working

We love team players, pioneers and characters. In such an exciting life, change is normal. We respect that. At AUMÜLLER you can work well, but always be yourself. We give you the freedom to acheive both your professional and private goals. Everything is possible. We offer you the following options:

Career and Family

You trust us, so we trust you. If you feel that, in addition to your work at AUMÜLLER, your family also needs special attention, then we will make this possible together. These are our ways to achieve this:

Work is important. But your children are more important. That's why we want you to be able to support most exciting phases in the lives of your children. Our flexible parental leave models make this possible. Let's talk about it.

When you work for AUMÜLLER, you are part of our family. Of course, your loved ones are then also close to our hearts. That is why we invite all children and grandchildren of our employees to visit us one day a year. In different age groups the little ones can play, do sports and look over the shoulders of the grown-ups. We look forward to an unforgettable day for all AUMÜLLER Minis. Join In!

Other Services

You are something special. Your work at AUMÜLLER is special, too. We want it to stay that way. We look after you and want you to feel you are also close to our hearts as a person. Which is why we take care of you. These are your advantages at AUMÜLLER:

Your health is important. That is why we want to help you stay fit. Strength, coordination or condition - you know yourself what is important for you. We provide you with the appropriate offers. Once a week, a personal trainer is in the company to carry out individual training with you and other sports enthusiasts. Fit and healthy - with AUMÜLLER.

Health is a matter of trust. Our own company doctor looks after the concerns of the AUMÜLLER family. If you feel unwell, we will work together to find a way to improve your health as quickly as possible.

Working at AUMÜLLER helps you advance - also financially. Because we appreciate your commitment to our customers and our products. Depending on the length of service, we pay our employees a Christmas bonus.

Our employees enjoy coming to work, not least because we take care of each other. That is why AUMÜLLER grants its employees with 30 working days holiday.

Healthy nutrition is also important in the workplace. Therefore AUMÜLLER provides ist employees with fresh fruit from the region every week.

You would like to advance professionally and master new challenges?
One way to achieve this could be an individual further training program that is suitable for your field of work. AUMÜLLER will support you financially as well as with opportunities for time off and flexible working hours. Let's talk about it.

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