Successful Together.

AUMÜLLER is a team. We are happy to make you a part of that, by working with you to acheive the best for you and your project. You feel it. Our company feels it.
We are proud of the ten excellent minds that take responsibility for you and our employees.
Together we simply acheive more

Management of AUMÜLLER

Smart auomtation solutions for windows and facades are more than technology and perfection. Intelligent processes and excellent products are the result of hard work and a visionary way of thinking.
At AUMÜLLER there are twelve people who take responsibility for making our customers lives and work easier and better in the futre.

Ramona Meinzer

Ramona Meinzer is Managing Partner. At AUMÜLLER, she pursues her vision of a company that combines extraordinary innovative strength and genuine cooperation based on partnership with meticulous commitment. The basis of her work is the study of law, economics and engineering. Ramona Meinzer loves and lives AUMÜLLER. As well as being a mother to her son, she is socially committed, multilingual and always focuses on people in all her activities.