Alpha becomes DCT

Aumüller Aumatic renews configuration software

User-friendly setting of window drives and SHEV control units

The SHEV and ventilation specialist Aumüller Aumatic has fundamentally revised and renewed its software for the configuration of SHEV or ventilation control panels and window drives.

The Direct Configuration Tool DCT, which is now available, combines the configuration tools Alpha and UniPC, which were previously only available separately, under a common and user-friendly interface. This makes the configuration of Aumüller's SHEV and ventilation control panels and window drives even more convenient and faster during commissioning or when making changes.

UniPC becomes Drives

The "Drives" tool for drive configuration impresses with a new and clear user interface with intuitive menu navigation. Faster loading times result in significant time savings during configuration. In addition, Drives has optimized diagnostic functions with status monitoring of the parameterization interface and readout of actuator values such as stroke or cycles.

Easy changeover

For the changeover from "Alpha" or "UniPC", only the Direct Configuration Tool DCT has to be loaded onto the computer and the required plug-ins for the existing control centers and drives have to be selected. DCT runs under Windows and now also under MacOS. The desktop version of the new DCT software can be downloaded free of charge at